Thank you all concerned and members for their understanding and support for the activities of ZERI Japan.

The philosophy of ZERI Japan is “Learn from nature.” Nature is a zero waste world providing us with beautiful landscapes in perfect harmony. The waste of one organism is quickly used by the next, creating a world of zero waste as a whole. The mission of ZERI Japan is to turn this philosophy into reality.

Problems arise when human civilization interferes with nature. We have created various artificial chemical substances and structures in the 20th and 21st centuries, and the emission of greenhouse gases has increased in large quantities, causing many problems.

As we have pursued one-sided human desires and efficacy, the harmony of the whole natural world is disturbed, and the world is losing order. And some of the new chemicals released into the natural world persist long without decomposing, adversely affecting alteration of generation and survival of living organisms.

Today, in an era where the impact of humankind has a significant impact globally, we are facing irreversible tipping points. Urgent action is needed.

By the way, marine plastic pollution has become a problem recently. Every year, 14 to 15 million tons of plastic products used by humankind flow into the ocean, which is broken down by ultraviolet light into plastic beads, and drifts hundreds of kilometers in the sea.

Besides, vinyl chloride products sink into the deep sea and accumulate without being decomposed for more than 1000 years. These pollutions have affected marine life and have begun to affect biota, ultimately resulting in humans being adversely affected.

To this end, ZERI Japan has partnered with the Race for Water, a Swiss foundation, to launch a marine plastics solution campaign from 2019 to 2020. We appreciate your understanding, participation, and support.

Besides, we will continue the support for the ethical consumption campaign promoted by the Consumer Affairs Agency, the cooperation with the Green Purchasing Network, the conservation of Borneo’s biodiversity, the utilization of sustainable palm oil (RSPO certified oil), the effective use of waste biomass in palm plantations, and also research activities.

Through these activities, we will specifically promote projects, contribute to improving the global environment, and aim to realize the SDGs. We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement from all concerned.

President, ZERI Japan

Yusuke Saraya