Leading-edge technology ahead of the world

This pavilion will function as a place for the dissemination of Japan’s world-leading cutting-edge technology, through the development of materials and construction methods for near-future architecture, these technologies will be disseminated and deployed to the base of society.


We have now proposed a new material and structure that is unprecedented in the world.

The main dome uses CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) tubing, which has been used for airplane and car bodies but not yet for the main structure of a building.     
By reducing the weight of the structure to less than the weight of the soil excavated for the foundation, we succeeded in eliminating pile work on this weak reclaimed land. This lightweight building will be easy to relocate after the Expo. The sub domes use a recycled paper tube structure and bamboo laminated wood structure, developed by Shigeru Ban Architects for the first time in the world.

New Challenges

  • Dome-shaped construction using environmentally friendly strutural materials as”paper tubes,” “carbon fiber,” and “bamboo”
  • To thoroughly reduce industrial waste, no concrete or other non-recyclable materials are used and the pavilion will be relocated