Marine pollution caused by plastic, a substance essential to human society, is a symbolic event of the Anthropocene that has a negative impact on the chain of life.

The universe, life, and the oceans that give birth to an endless chain of life are mysteries that even the most advanced chemistry has not yet been able to elucidate.

Plastic waste undoubtedly continues to infiltrate this enigma.

In the context of Earth’s enduring history, this pollution may be but a brief episode in the ongoing saga of Homo sapiens rise and fall.

Can humanity truly overcome this crisis?

Circulation ―The Circulation of Water―

The flow of water through the installation driven by superhydrophobic mechanisms expresses the reality, mystery, intricacy and beauty of what substance is “water”. It will dramatically transform visitors’ awareness of the earth, water, oceans, and environment. The introduction area that expresses the purity of water is a space for purification of body and soul.

The Ocean ―Reclaiming the Ocean―

The pavilion will take the form of a “consciousness-altering device” designed to reclaim our beautiful oceans and Earth. Earth, a planet miraculously graced with water, possesses unparalleled beauty and grandeur. Yet, it is simultaneously facing significant degradation due to human activity. Through an “experience that sends shivers down your spine”, we aim to touch the senses of our visitors, triggering a clear sense of environmental responsibility. Furthermore, we will collaborate closely with companies and talents possessing the technologies that are able to turn these aspirations into reality while moving people’s hearts.

Wisdom ―The Wisdom of Mankind―

We will collaborate with various organizations and stakeholders engaging in activities against ocean pollution through events and implement educational programs that will leave a rich ocean for the next generation.