At Chiba Minato Pier: Visit by Chiba City Hall, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, and others

The environmental research vessel Race for Water was anchored at Chiba Minato Pier for three days from September 14th to 15th.
During this time, many people came to visit us.

Chiba City Hall’s City Bureau and Environment Bureau
Sasakawa Peace Foundation Marine Policy Research Institute
Tokyo Saraya Co., Ltd. Chiba Branch
Chiba Port Promotion Association
Port Queen Chiba, Rina Yamaguchi
Chiba City Construction Industry Association
Thank you very much. Everyone!

Some people bought a lot of R4W polo shirts by donation. Thank you for supporting our activities.

The members of the Chiba Port Promotion Association even gave us a shield and a bouquet to commemorate their arrival. All the crew and staff were pleased!!

The Asahi Shimbun Chiba branch also rushed to the interview.